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Project Description

This project is for SharePoint developer. There is lot of extension methods to use. Just add the dll and namespace to the class. You development effort is reduced and in remaining time you enjoy green or lemon tea with friends.


Just use the below namespace in your class and see the wonder of extension methods benefiting your development :-)

using DR5.SPExtend;


Will be adding documentation of utilities classes but otherwise just adding the dll and using namespace will help you a lot !


SPList list = Web.Lists["ABC"];
//This help me to get SPListItem object by checking value on field column and field value. Internally it uses caml query
SPListItem li = list.GetListItem("Title", "Title 1", true);

// This helps you to get value from object and handles null exception. If the object is null it returns String.Empty. where helpful because everytime i don't need to check null value.
string str = li["Field 1"].ToStr();

//Now, Instead of using li["some text"] = some object is very tedious and time consuming. Try once you will never use square bracket again
li.AddValue("Date", new DateTime())
.AddValue("Integer Col", 123)
.AddValue("TrueOrFalse", true)
.AddValue("AnyObject", new object())
.AddTaxonomyValue("Tax2", new Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.TaxonomyFieldValue("SOME VALUE"))

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